The Kansas Department of Transportation looked to TrueTech Bridge and ClearCast Forms to safely speed construction at the I-635 and K5 Interchange bridge deck replacement project near Kansas City, KS. The curved and superelevated decks were supported by continuous composite steel girders built in 1974 and in need of rehabilitation. Due to the high volume of traffic along I-635 and K-5, KDOT specified transparent stay-in-place forms for the two-stage deck replacement to save time in the schedule, without compromising inspection of the underside of the deck.

Miles Excavating Inc. was awarded the contract and partnered with TrueTech Bridge on the design & supply of the ClearCast Form System. The first stage of the deck pour was completed in the Spring of 2022 and the remaining decks completed by the Fall of 2022.





KDOT recognized two major challenges on this project; the first was the urgent need to rehabilitate the I-635/K5 Interchange bridge decks due to the poor condition of the structure, and the second, a compressed schedule and staged construction would be needed to limit the impact to travelers at this busy interchange. To help reduce overall construction time for demolition, paint prep/sand blasting, new shear studs, improvements to the bearings, and the new bridge decks, KDOT considered using transparent stay-in-place (SIP) forms. KDOT typically limits the use of corrugated metal SIP forms due to the inability to inspect the deck. The existing bridge geometry was complex, consisting of multiple top flange widths for the girders and cross slopes up to 12% along the curved alignment.


KDOT specified ClearCast Forms from TrueTech Bridge and Miles Excavating was able to safely complete the project on schedule.   To help save time in the field, Miles Excavating opted for a prefabricated support system – where all interior girder supports are pre-welded off-site custom to the surveyed haunch heights.  The form installation and deck pour over K-5 was a success, and KDOT was able to open the newly rehabilitated bridge on-time.